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Clowning and Comedy 101
Also known as C&CC so we made this:

Its the gift that keeps on giving for people who love comedy and / or clowning! Tada!

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Why should you care about Clowning and Comedy?

Clowning is all about being in touch with people around you, asking them the universal human questions: do you love me? Do I love you? Do you hate me? Do I hate you? Being one with Comedy and with Clowning will help you in life, in business, in showmanship and in day to day activities such as twisting balloons to a bunch of kids standing in line or in a restaurant.


What is C&CC

The Clowning and Comedy 101 Course is an online video course that takes you on a journey of investigation. You will learn how NOT to be funny. Rather you will become more self-aware of who is the clown within you and by reacting to stuff that happen around you – funny situations will occur and people will laugh and love you. 

This course is based on a Clowning workshop that Uri Weiss has been teaching for more than a decade and this is the adaptation of this workshop to an easy to consume online course that you can take with you everywhere you go. You can even hear this course on your phone while driving (audio version included for no extra cost).

C&CC – By Uri Weiss and Zivi Kivi

Mastering the art of Clowning didn’t come without some prices. I have said enough. Enjoy the hard labor of Uri Weiss and Zivi Kivi. Join C&CC now and have people smile and laugh around you.

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“Learning from Uri Weiss have improved the reactions I get from kids and adults alike! You need to listen to Uri talk about Clowning and Comedy again and again and you are on the right path to becoming in one with Comedy!”

Zivi Kivi, Kids Entertainer, host of Balloon Artist Podcast

Ready to go on a Journey in the land of Clowning and Comedy?

Don’t be afraid to try and find the clown within. It is such a liberating experience .